Patrik Marxer (Blue)

CyberSecurity, BugBounty, Gentoo, Kubernetes, Golang


It’s always a challenge and I learn always something. I love it. WriteUps coming soon :-) Checkout ->


Open Source and Linux of course, but also Gentoo. Yea I know, compiling, compiling, compiling :) But in the end, I have a system that suits my needs and no old libraries ;) Blog Post follows….


Quick things -> bash | onliner
Handling for a short term with data -> Pyhton
Fast and save for long term use -> Golang
I think it’s better to use a type safety language at the end. I know Python can it, but first compiling and a binary feels better Blog Post follows….

Under construction

My website is still under construction. It’s made with huge. Simple an easy :-)